Discover our local heroes

These days we are overwhelmed by competitive offers, massive reductions and the war on lowest prices between multinationals. Sanseveria shies away from all this and has chosen to support local entrepreneurs offering local produce and/or high quality products. This resulted into unique collaborations with young and creative people to establish a one of a kind branding image for our bagel restaurants.  On our menu there is no sign of big multinationals. We choose our products carefully, always with an eye on the origin, quality and story behind the product. Supporting local entrepreneurs resulted in an ‘honest high quality kitchen’ experience. We would not want to work any other way.


All our teas are selected by Pascal, a household name in Bruges. Drawing from his enormous knowledge, Pascal is a master in combining flavor, colour and smell.


Kwinten and Lies will welcome you in their lovely flower shop just a stone’s throw away from Sanseveria Ostend. They share their passion for flowers with all their customers. They have a second shop in Bredene. These young entrepreneurs have our full support.


Scrumptious finger food served by Kelly and Achim. The essence of cooking in a typical Flemish dark lit pub. This experience will stay with you for a long time. It is simply a must go when visiting Bruges.


De Republiek is an all time favorite amongst locals. Recently renovated, it now serves honest contemporary food in a trendy setting to both locals and tourists. Warmly recommended.


Elliot and his girlfriend surely know how to treat their customers. The coffee they serve is simply amazing. After a coffee at their place, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to go and explore wonderful Bruges. Thumbs up for this power couple!


We have a tremendous amount of respect for these entrepreneurs working in Ostend. Do pop in at Lily’s boutique for the latest fashion, grab a quick but excellent lunch at Passe Vite run by Sofie and Collin, go see a show or exhibition at CC De Post where you can also enjoy a lovely meal or go for cocktails with a view at Histoires d’O. Fancy a night out? Copador, Entrepot and Lafayette are the places to be.

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