Discover our local heroes

These days we are overwhelmed by competitive offers, massive reductions and the war on lowest prices between multinationals. Sanseveria shies away from all this and has chosen to support local entrepreneurs offering local produce and/or high quality products. This resulted into unique collaborations with young and creative people to establish a one of a kind branding image for our bagel restaurants. On our menu there is no sign of big multinationals, nor of any other biased trend. We choose our products carefully, always with an eye on the origin, quality and story behind the product. Supporting local entrepreneurs resulted in an ‘honest high quality kitchen’ experience, steady enterprise, innovative experience and continuity. We would not want to work any other way.

We are merely proud of the quality our surroundings have to offer. We recommend!



Tom is a full-blooded entrepreneur. With Tom’s Diner he serves an honest kitchen, in which, apart from some pleasantries, you clearly discern the Belgian cuisine. Feel at home amongst the locals. ‘Nxt Door’ is the fancy sis and literally ‘next door’. The taste of street food over here is a sheer delight!

De Republiek

De Republiek is kept dear to the heart by the people of Bruges. After numerous businesses had been run here, it was time for an innovative concept: an honest kitchen, tailored to the wishes of today’s customer and a smashing setting. You’ll certainly bump into some locals of Bruges!


In The Mood is the place to enjoy tasty brasserie dishes. Expect no grandeur or eccentric behaviour, the attraction is in the local flavour. We highly recommend the kitchen!


In this quiet part of town you get to enjoy the delicious bistro kitchen. The location isn’t that obvious, which makes it all the more charming. Bistro Du Phare has a cosy terrace!


Put on your walking shoes and let them take you to just outside the Smedenpoort. Phare de Vie has quite some treats in store. Cosy interior, happy faces and a kitchen strong in quality. We recommend! Attention: closed over the weekend!


Don’t get us started on Leen & Olivier. Nearby the market in Bruges they run their food sharing concept 'Quatre mains'. We from Sanseveria tend to celebrate our company trips here! We have been fans from the very beginning. Although Leen is pleasantly twisted, you’d rather make a reservation. Might be fully booked weeks in advance!


We give out a medal of honour for fine dining to this fantastic restaurant called Bruut. It ranks amongst the finest culinary addresses and puts quality before quantity. Have whatever the chef suggests. Closed over the weekend.


— A visit to one of the city’s two breweries. De Halve Maan is a fixture and a tourist attraction. Don’t be shy and take a stroll through the Rozenhoedkaai to the modernised brewery Bourgogne De Flandres. We flaunt both rascals!

— A boat trip on the Groene Rei in Bruges! You’ll see countless houses like gems, phenomenal gardens, and you’ll discover the ‘secret spots’ we gladly share with you!

— Eat & buy local chocolate, it will arouse your sense of ‘Belgianness’. Sukerbuyc is our favourite!

— Enjoy a waffle at Oyya’s or Chez Albert’s, probably the best ones!



Fantastic kitchen with superb dishes from different cultures! Their cocktails are absolutely ‘to die for’. You’ll find 'La Vie' at the ever so cosy Vissersplein!


Shhh!! We shouldn’t be blabbing about this pizzeria. What an experience to lunch or dine here. But make sure to have time. The chef often works on his very own, which requires time and respect. Which is rewarded! MORETTI is the fellow pizzeria in town that cooks gluten free at your request!


This atypical seafood restaurant is situated nearby the Wapenplein. Imagine yourself in the rich history of our renowned city by the sea. The menu is basicly what the gentleman tells you. Mind you, ‘een ploate’ is not the dialect counterpart for ‘plaat’ meaning vinyl record, but for plaice! Make sure to have cash on you!


Jesus, mother! What a restaurant. Ever heard of ‘tatjespap’(‘potato porridge’)? It’s a typical West Flemish delicacy based on mashed potatoes and buttermilk. Reservations are strongly advised!


— Visit the fish market at the Visserskaai! You’ll find a pleasant hustle and bustle there every morning. The sailors’ wives sell their fresh fish straight from the North Sea!

—Missed out on the fish mine? Our favourite alternative is HET VISPALEIS (literally the Palace of Fish), what’s in a name!

—Have a walk through the Royal Galleries and subsequently visit the Thermae Palace. Soak up the rich history of the ‘the queen of the Belgian sea-side resorts’! Mind you: these gems of the Belgian Littoral are currently under renovation!

—Have a walk through the green lung of the city, starting from the Maria Hendrikapark. Make sure not to skip this park called ‘het bosje’ (‘the little woods’) and end at the Baalskaai. A quarter that is rapidly developing and is easily reached by the well-known (free) little ferry boat!

—Find peace in the village of Stene. Have a walk in ‘De Schorre’ and then have a ‘teusje’ (a drink) at Hilde’s De Vlas! (De Vlasschaard)

—Looking for culture? Send us an email. We’ll gladly help you!