Sanseveria, New York bagels with a gourmet twist

Sanseveria Bagel Salon is a cosy and hip restaurant situated in the city centre of Bruges. At Sanseveria you can enjoy our ‘Sunday best’ bagels every day: both surprising and innovative. You can enjoy a warm breakfast, brunch or lunch in our cosy living room like setting with that trendy vintage vibe. Superb quality and that special 'American dream' feeling is what we are aiming for.


All of Bruges’ charm is resonated at Sanseveria. Discover this small, cosy location and enjoy its authentic vintage vibe and trendy interior. Up for a quick meal when in Bruges? Up for something slightly different? Want to mingle with the locals as well as tourists? Come and taste our fantastic bagels with a twist! We’re ready to serve you!


Meet our amazing team

Céline - COO

Céline is the foodie at Sanseveria. She’s never shy to join our guests at the table to share her thoughts. Céline gained working experience in trendy Amsterdam but the need to return back to her roots was too strong. She serves bagels with ever surprising toppings. Her creed? Less is more.

Her Sanseveria creed? Less is more.

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We're open 7/7 from 8am - 5pm. On Sunday, we're open from 10am - 3pm. See you soon!

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