Sanseveria, New York bagels with a gourmet twist

Sanseveria Bagel Salon is a cosy and hip restaurant situated in the city centre of Bruges. Our second location is near the Ostend seafront. At Sanseveria you can enjoy our ‘Sunday best’ bagels every day: both surprising and innovative. You can enjoy a warm breakfast, brunch or lunch in our cosy living room like setting with that trendy vintage vibe. Superb quality and that special “American dream” feeling is what we are aiming for.

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Rieny Samoey

Our Rieny is ‘the head chef’ in Bruges. Her love of bagels is something you can actually taste. She is always in a good mood, up for a little chat and her enthusiasm is limitless.

She is the youngest of the Sanseveria family but has nevertheless a golden food touch. You can always please our chef with a glass of white wine, 'not to sweet please!'.

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