A Gap in the Market

Travel broadens the mind. Getting to know different cultures and their fascinating customs, is what inspired us to start Sanseveria. The very first bagel that owner Bert ever tasted, is one he will never forget: cream cheese, sesame seeds and lox. On the cold Brooklyn streets, he got inspired by a guy “who had the best bagels in town”. That’s what started this adventure.

Coffee at Grandma’s

The NY bagel guy’s dedication and passion got Bert’s creative juices flowing. Bert immediately turned talk into walk and started working on the bagel concept. During a visit to his grandparents’ house, Bert received their china as a gift and a piece of advice: “Bert, make sure that people really feel at home at your restaurant. That’s what sticks with people.” Sanseveria was born.

Someday We'll Meet

Bert’s bagel concept started modestly and evolved into a rock solid brand. Sanseveria currently has two branches: one in Bruges and one in Ostend. Besides that, Bert turned his house into a lovely B&B – a place to get away from it all and just relax. His creativity keeps him on his toes and he is always ready for a new adventure. Stay tuned. Someday we'll meet!