Bert - I am the boss

Favourite bagel: Ruby

“Is famous bird here?! “, is something we hear a lot in Bruges. Bird gradually turned into my nickname. I am totally dedicated to Sanseveria and my team. Sanseveria is an overall experience and I am constantly on the lookout for new products and recipes. All of this to create that “ I want to come back” feeling for our visitors. Sanseveria isn’t a job, it’s a way of living.” But always keep in mind: ‘work hard, stay busy & be humble.”

Céline - COO

Favourite bagel: Edward

Céline is the foodie at Sanseveria. She’s never shy to join our guests at the table to share her thoughts. Céline gained working experience in trendy Amsterdam but the need to return back to her roots was too strong. She serves bagels with ever surprising toppings. Her creed? Less is more.


Favourite bagel: Elliot

Don’t be mistaken about Sofia. The timid first impression only serves her not to disclose her qualities right away. As a former editor-in-chief with hotel and catering magazine Venuez, she is second to none when it comes to writing and she excels in communication. She's a classy lady with Moroccan blood and a very warm heart for all those who love her. But above all, a very nice colleague!


Favourite bagel: John

This young talent is usually at work in Ostend. After gaining some experience in various catering businesses, Sanseveria feels like coming home to her. By now she knows the joys of the regulars and, if necessary, she perfectly knows how to manage things on her own. She loves the sea & Ostend. Which accounts for the lovely smile on her face!


Favourite bagel: Suzy

Seel is the newest member of our team. This lady has gained sound experience in the world of bakery and pastry. With her colleagues she likes to spoil our guests, both in Bruges and Ostend. When we send her to the weekly fresh market, she always seizes the best products for the best price. Young, dynamic and full of enthusiasm.

Former co-workers


Favourite bagel: Madison

Caroline is the ‘queen of honor’! She treated you to a healthy bagel any time. She is fond of quinoa and likes swimming in her free time. A hot chocolate Caroline style? She’ll fill an almost empty Nutella jar with milk, shake it and… ready! Utterly delicious and highly recommended.


Favourite bagel: Suzy

Kelly was the vegan note in our team! This genuine Ostend mum-of-two knows the various vegetarian and new vegan combinations like no other. Kelly enjoys an entertaining night out with friends as well as some quiet with boyfriend and kids. Healthy food culture is her thing!


Favourite bagel: John

Silke was ‘ la madre’ at the Ostend restaurant. Young and happily married with three lovely kids. Ever calm, there is no need in rushing Silke. Always smiling Silke served you with grace and style. She was what makes the Ostend restaurant run smoothly.


Favourite bagel: Ron

Thanks to O’zon Brugge - VZW Oranje, Noah was our kitchen stand-in. Slicing tomatoes, frying bacon,… He was a true gem in the Sanseveria kitchen. Rather shy but always up for a good joke.


Favourite bagel: Amelia

Silke aka ‘nails’ amongst her friends. This sporty, perky lady whisked her way through the restaurant like a whirlwind. She knew ‘how to handle Americans’ as the best. She worked her magic time and time again to create her ‘famous chocolate pie’ and served anything sweet made with lots of love.


Favourite bagel: James

Our Rieny was ‘the head chef’ in Bruges. Her love of bagels was something you could actually taste. She was always in a good mood, up for a little chat and her enthusiasm was limitless. She was the youngest of the Sanseveria family but has nevertheless a golden food touch. You could always please our chef with a glass of white wine, 'not too sweet please!'.


Favourite bagel: Richard

‘Oh yes my dear! Grab a seat!’ Jess lives for the business. She leaves a powerful impression, is critical in her organization, and is quite a lady when it comes to communication. After gaining a lot of experience in the Eastern kitchen, you can make her an honourable request to fix you fresh sushi! On her day off, you’ll find this foodie experimenting in the kitchen. An asset to the business!


Favourite bagel: John

‘Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world’ is Gail’s motto. The way she interacts with our regulars and the calm she radiates make her the right woman for the job. You can meet her in both Bruges and Ostend. She has experience, has received several professional training courses, and perfectly knows how to transfer this into her job at Sanseveria’s. The red lipstick makes her unique and strong!

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