Diversity is strength

Diversity reinforces our society – and Sanseveria – and makes it a lot more interesting. Therefore, we at Sanseveria hold dear to representativeness and diversity. Jointly with society, we aim for equality for al land do our bit. Sometimes, that involves change, which is just as well.

For years, our bagel boxes have been sporting several one-liners that highlight the various aspects of Sanseveria. One of those, ‘Krupt in je boom en fret banannen’ (a saying in the dialect of West Flanders, literally translated: Climb up your tree and scoff bananas), was a reference to our West-Flemish roots we are so proud of. For the non-West-Flemish among us: ‘krupt in je boom en fret banannen’ is a funny regional translation for ‘try if you can’. The saying, which originated in a different era, can be perceived as negative in 2020. Therefore, we listen to our multicultural clientele and adjust our concept. We consider that self-evident and thank our attentive customers for their feedback.

Daring to the course is evident in future-oriented entrepreneurship. Our bagel boxes, therefore, now read: ‘Diversity is strength – local love’. In case you were still in doubt: we seize the opportunity to, for our part, highlight ‘Black lives matter’. We will never discriminate because of religion or ideology, disability, age, sexual orientation, belief, state of health, wealth, appearance, marital status, political or union adherence, birth or social descent. We consider the diversity among our clientele an absolute strength!

Bert Vanheuverzwijn
Business manager Sanseveria

Written on 11/08/2020 by Bert